Its the most Wonderful time of the year!


Just wanted to give a quick update. Christmas is drawing near and the waiting in anticipation and then celebration over the arrival of a baby boy is what this season is all about!! It is so neat to see how God has used our circumstances this year with our little girls to make the TRUE meaning of Christmas come alive for them!! They want to shout it out(one actually has on a few occasions) that Jesus’ birthday is almost here! That HE is the true reason for Christmas!!!

Process update:
We found out this past week that the province that Samuel is from is one that requires us to stay for 14 days instead of the normal 7. On top of the stay in province we also have to stay for the normal 7 days in southern china near the US Consulate. So we have been trying to wrap our mind around the logistics of being out of the country for over 3 weeks. But are now very glad we decided early on to bring our kids with us!!

We completed our second round of paperwork that needs to go to USCIS. We sent this out to our agency last week so they could review it, and they will send it on to USCIS for us this week.

It takes about two weeks to process through USCIS and they send the paperwork right on to the Visa center.

We will then apply for our visas! This is again about a two week process.

That is all sent back to China where they take about 4 weeks to process it. They will then give us travel clearance!!

We will travel 2-4 weeks after receiving clearance.

So that is about 12 weeks!!!

Yeah…so I had a little break down this week about all of that. It seems overwhelmingly close, and now we will be their for 21+ days, and I also realized we have NOTHING for baby Samuel! Dan made a list with me(because lists are good, and calming and lovely and organized) and listened to my bizarre mix of feeling that I have no time to get ready but it being such a LONG time to go until I hold my baby : )

1.We have been at peace through out this whole process. We have purposely sought it out. But, wow! it is so easy to move our eyes off of Jesus and on to the circumstance! Please continue to pray for us to keep our eyes on Him! It moves fast from here on out, lots of things need to be done from mounds of paperwork to getting a bunch of baby items again, to the logistics of being gone so long. But we don’t want to lose our focus on Christ. He is the giver of peace.

2.The logistics of being out of the country for 3 weeks, specifically in regards to time off from work for Dan and for Caleb who can not miss that much school, so he will be staying here. Pray for wisdom.

Financial update:

WE EXCEEDED OUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep thats right EXCEEDED!!!!!!!

We needed $6000 to make our payment, and we ended up with about $6200

God has provided every single time, we have gotten exactly what we have needed on the day we needed it! But, oh wow! It NEVER gets old!!


Payments to our agency are DONE!! We are paid in full!!!

The next part of what we need is all travel. At $15,000-20,000 it is half of the adoption costs.

Travel fees: $3000/person This is for both international flights and in-country flights.

Hotel: 100/night for 21+ nights.

Food: Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 21 days……yeah..I dont even know

China fees: $6000. We take this with us and pay it directly to the orphanage once we are in China.

Prayer: We are not sure how we are going to go about raising this money at the moment, but at the end of the day, we are confident that God knows that we need it, and already knows exactly how it will be provided!!! Oh, and we have about $200 toward it, which happens to be about the amount of an in country flight for baby Samuel : )

So we have had several questions about giving and what do we need for baby Samuel, so here are the answers as best as we can for now : )

Donating airline miles or hotel points: We are checking with our travel agency to see if that is do able.

End of year tax deductible giving: We have a website for that! Here is the link :

A lot of businesses will do an end of year charitable giving match, some up to 150% can we accept that? Yes! We can! The site that we are doing our tax deductible giving though IS set up to accept that!!

As for what we need for the baby, most of the basics: onesies(9-12month size), socks, sleepers(12 month size), outfits(12 mo.), bottles, diapers, wipes, blankets.

Let me know if you have any further questions on any of that!


We just want to say again what a huge blessing you all are to us! We have not gone a single week with out a note of encouragement, a reminder that we are being prayed for, or even a hug in celebration of a milestone we hit!! We are truly blessed!! One big step closer!


The Herrs



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